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Guidelines for Clarion Article Submissions

The Clarion is the GCCA sponsored newsletter for the Greater Colesville, Maryland community. It is mailed free of charge to all residents and businesses of Colesville. In recent years, articles, notices about events, and advertisements focus on information that is of interest and relevance to Colesville residents.

In the past, content and suggestions for articles in the Clarion most frequently are generated by board members of the GCCA. Recently, there is interest for residents of Colesville to also submit articles. Following are guidelines for potential Clarion articles and content submitted to the editor of the Clarion:

1. Submissions must be received by the editor by the deadline for articles printed in every Clarion

2. Content must be accurate and where possible, sources of facts identified

3. Content should be of general interest and relevance to a broad segment of greater Colesville

4. The article will be attributed with a by line of the author/contributor

5. The author’s occupation may be noted, but there will be no reference for contact information of the author or associated business

6. When the content predominantly covers personal views and opinions, the editor may consider using a ‘letter to the editor’ format with the statement that the views expressed are not necessarily endorsed by GCCA. (The page count for this type of article should be less than other types of articles.)

7. The editor, with possible collaboration of the President of GCCA, shall assure that all content is acceptable and non-offensive.

8. The editor will make the final decision on articles and content published in the Clarion

9. Articles will be published on a space available basis.

10. Articles will not be accepted that are political or advertising a service

If you would like your article considered for publication in the GCCA Clarion newsletter then please email Clarion Editor Nancy Laich at: